Meet your expert nutritional partners.

We Value Teamwork

An Agri-Basics nutritionist is an independent, service-oriented professional consultant who adds value to your operation. We gather regularly to discuss current trends and ideas to provide the best service possible for our clients, offering a support network that allows you to tap into a wider range of expertise, backgrounds and cost-effective rations.

We’re part of YOUR team. We cooperate with area feed mills, animal health professionals and other industry segments to give our customers access to the best management tools, products and field-tested strategies for dairy and livestock performance and profitability.

While always available, our consultants are respectful of your schedule and will work with you to determine how often a visit to your farm is necessary. We pay attention to the details and care for each individual farm and farm family.

Our team is your team.

Herb Bonnice, Jr.

Tunkhannock, PA 18657

I have been doing dairy and beef nutrition for over 30 years; currently I concentrate with beef. I have been with AB for about 17 years. As an independent consultant I do my best to come up with individual solutions for each farm I work with. I don’t have a one size fits all approach. Every farm has different feeds, housing, and equipment, so I assess every situation independently. I create a program after careful evaluation and make adjustments as I get to know my customer.

The most important thing that I offer my clients is a combination of nutritional, management, and business experience. I am on the farm to help the producer make a PROFIT. If I can’t help with that, I am not doing my job. The consultant/client relationship has to be a win/win for both parties.

Robert Davis

Christiana, PA 17509

I have been consulting for 20 years, primarily in dairy. As a consultant I have a genuine interest in my customers’ success. Being a part of Agri-Basics enhances the value I bring to customers through the understanding achieved from owning an independent business, along with the products and technologies that identify Agri-Basics as leaders in the industry.

Homer Eberly

Ephrata, PA 17522

I have been a farmer and beef producer since 1982 and a beef consultant with Agri-Basics since 2012. I have been involved in marketing fed cattle and purchasing feeder cattle for many years. As a consultant with a local company—Agri-Basics—I offer prompt service and general knowledge of all aspects of feedlot cattle.

Wilson Eberly

Ephrata, PA 17522

I have been in the diary and beef feed and nutrition business for 35 years, enjoyably operating a 55 cow dairy since 1993. I work with farmers to produce top quality and yield on their own acres, utilizing as much of their homegrown feeds as possible, in order to maximize profitability and production. 

Kendon Garman, MPS

Newmanstown, PA 17073

Combining working experience with education is my tactic for being the type of nutritionist that I would want to have on my farm. I received my masters degree from Cornell after working in the industry for nearly ten years. I like to analyze how the entire farm is working. It is important to view the farm as one whole unit made up of smaller sub-units, including nutrition, that each support the farm. I am here to be a team player and a resource for producers in helping their farm have the success they want.

Tom Good

Lititz, PA 17543

I’m a farm boy at heart, having grown up on a farm in Lititz. I started with Agri-Basics in 1993. As an AB consultant, we have the ability to be very flexible in how we meet your needs. I try to work with- in your facilities and cropping to make you as efficient and profitable as you can be.

Dan Hillyer

Dover, PA 17315

Upon graduation from Kansas State University I have committed my entire working career to the dairy industry. I’ve held positions with a global feed manufacturer as a dairy specialist and a Northeast account manager for a major feed additive company. As an Agri-Basics Consultant, I offer problem solving solutions to customers that address issues from “field to cow.“ I help meet producer production and financial goals by utilizing current products and technologies. I am currently the owner of Iron Rock Nutrition, Inc., a dairy consulting business.

Jim Longenecker

Christiana, PA 17509

I have been involved with agriculture consulting—specifically in nutrition—for 32 years, having worked with numerous types of operations both in dairy and beef. The most important thing I have to offer as a consultant is an independent approach to solving problems, as well as implementing techniques to obtain the best results for the client.

Colin Macko

White Haven, PA 18661

I am a first generation farmer with a background in agribusiness and a love for feeding cattle. I look forward to serving each farm in every aspect that is asked of me. My goal is to help you become more profitable and successful for the future of your business.

Bob Nichols, DVM

Waynesboro, PA 17268

I’ve been a practicing dairy veterinarian for the past 21 years, consulting as an Agri-Basics dairy nutritionist since 2015. What drives me is that I saw a need for better nutritional consulting with our veterinary clients.  As an AB consultant we are second to none in the industry in our devotion to Jesus Christ, and in turn to the clients that we have the privilege to work for and with every day.  I think the most important aspect of consulting is attention to detail, knowledge of what makes a healthy production herd, and a willingness to listen to each client and ability to help the individual farm achieve their goals.

Tim Rutledge

Reinholds, PA 17569

I’ve been consulting—mostly in dairy—since the summer of 1994. The most important aspect of being a consultant for me is not to just consult about nutrition but to help you, my client, be successful.

Adam Zurin

Manheim, PA 17545

I have been consulting for seven years and specialize in beef nutrition. I have worked with a wide range of ingredients (byproducts) to keep the ration costs down without sacrificing performance. I will try new byproducts and offer the best feeding advice through testing and research. I feel it is critical to help the customer be more efficient in management of their farm, which yields better performance and quality.

Performance You Can Rely On

We monitor on-farm conditions such as the body condition of your herd, feed quality and characteristics, economic and health indicators and performance data.

We love helping farmers.