About Us


We provide nutritional consulting services.

We are...

A regional livestock nutrition solutions consulting company in the greater Northeastern United States.

A group of professional consultants meeting today’s challenges, and pursuing tomorrow’s goals.

A manufacturer of specialized feed ingredients and premix solutions for dairy and beef industry.  

A bottom up managed company, and decisions are driven by what is happening in the field and customer level.

Our mission is to build long-standing relationships upon integrity, teamwork and results.

A Simple Process With Flexible Strategies

As on-farm consultants, Agri-Basics nutritionists bring professional service, experience, education and ideas to your farm. We work with you to design programs that help you reach and exceed your management and production goals while maximizing the value of your homegrown feeds and resources.


Develop A Custom Plan


...For Healthy Animals


... And More Production

Since 1989

Since 1989, we have been dedicated to finding solutions and discovering opportunities for your success. Through ongoing evaluation, prompt on-site technical support and educational opportunities, we continually challenge ourselves and our customers to greater proficiency. 

Our recommendations are based upon current developments in livestock nutrition and agronomy and delivered within the context of each customer’s unique operation.

We at Agri-Basics, Inc. believe it is of the utmost importance to approach all of our undertakings with integrity. We are committing to consistently abide by the highest ethical and moral business principles. It is our desire to work exclusively with those sharing these same standards.



Our History

Agri-Basics, Inc. was founded in March 1989 by 7 partners that wanted to provide their customers the opportunity of working with an independent nutritional consultant.  The company has grown to include 16 consultants in Pennsylvania and neighboring states.

Agri-Basics, Inc.’s office and warehouse are located in Elizabethtown, PA.  Supreme Milling, founded in 2005, specializes in manufacturing high quality textured calf feeds.  These feeds feature low fiber and low fines because of formulation and how ingredients are selected and processed.