Agri-Basics, Inc. brings the services to you to help your business thrive.

When it comes to nutrition - we know there is a lot to balance.

Qualified Consulting

  • Your on-farm partner
  • Monitoring of body condition and performance
  • Expert analysis of records and performance
  • Personalized prompt on-site technical support
  • Complete dairy and beef production consulting from field to feed-bunk
  • Assistance in locating economical protein and energy sources

Current Technology

  • Custom ration balancing for dairy and beef cattle
  • Objective forage testing and analysis
  • Optimized use and value of home-grown forages
  • Results-oriented development of improved feeding technologies
  • Quality products

Research & Education

  • Convenient programs designed for on-farm mixing or through local mills
  • Educational materials and seminars with leading researchers
  • Cooperation with other industry professionals for customer benefit
  • Comprehensive ongoing evaluation of current research