Our Products

Agri-Basics, Inc. has a full line of products for the dairy and beef industry. Choosing which product is best for your needs will be more successful through the guidance of one of our consulting nutritionists. They can combine experience and knowledge of products to provide maximum results for your farm.


Calf Products

Calf Feeds

Supreme Milling, established in 2005, produces highly palatable, low fines and low fiber feeds. We offer these under the AB Brand, or custom formulations in bags, totes, or bulk.

  • AB Calf
  • AB Pro Calf
  • AB Pro Plus Calf

Milk Replacer

Agri-Basics, Inc. has a premium milk replacer under its Supreme Brand. This includes All-Milk protein products or in combination of alternative proteins, additives, and protein levels.

Add Packs

Products are available to address special needs during seasonal weather changes or environmental challenges.



• Correct balance of nutrients for optimum performance

• Unique blend of ingredients for maximum palatability and intake

• Ideal feed to develop rumen for transition from milk to forage

• Maximized starch sources for enhanced digestibility


Heifer Products

Pre-mixes and products formulated to balance TMR or forages for optimal heifer performance.









Liquid Feeds

Agri-Basics, Inc. has a full line of Bulk Liquid Feeds for the dairy and beef industry to provide additional sugars and nutrients to the ration.


Forage Products

Forage Products optimize fermentation and preservation of forages, along with application and management techniques.




Dairy Products

A full array of mineral pre-mixes, and specialty feed additives are available to maximize the dairy cow performance. Agri-Basics, Inc.’s consulting nutritionists use these products to formulate custom Lactation, Close-Up and Dry Cow programs.




Beef Products

Agri-Basics, Inc.’s beef consulting nutritionists formulate a number of beef programs including “Natural Beef,” Cow-Calf, Stocker, Back-Grounder, and Feed-Lot. Products include a full line of mineral pre-mixes, and specialty feed additives to maximize beef performance.



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